Are you looking for “Old School” Motivational Poster Designs?

Are you looking for
“Old School” Motivational Poster Designs?

by Mark P-R
Founder of P-R Posters Motivational Poster Companies

Motivational Posters? We’ve got them right here! We’re not talking about the cheap ripoff designs that poke fun at the “Old School” style of motivational posters we have created. We provide the real thing! Motivational posters that really help motivate you and those around you.

Sure, we understand many people like to make fun of those of us who really do prefer to surround ourselves with motivational quotes from some of history’s great thinkers. We enjoy looking for the positive, and choosing to direct our lives using motivational tools – like posters.

We invite you to enjoy hundreds of unique poster designs exclusively created by P-R Posters™ Motivational Companies located in Beautiful Beloit Wisconsin. What can Motivational Posters do for you? Our motivational posters will help you strengthen your self esteem and enhance your outlook on life.

Hundreds More Motivational Posters

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We all need inspiration, even if we don’t think about it much. And, we all desire to feel good about ourselves and our lives. Let our all original collection of motivational posters brighten your day, and put a smile on your face. You truly do have the power within you to change your outlook for the hour – the day – your entire life. Let our designs help you focus your thoughts and improve your life. You’ll feel better with motivational posters from P-R Posters™.

All of our Designs
are Unique and Special!

Since 1999 we’ve been marketing our complete collection of Motivational Posters, educational, and inspirational posters to the thousands of online visitors and guests we greet each day. Our designs are very special – not the mass produced posters you see everywhere else. These unique motivational designs are only available from P-R Posters™ Motivational Companies websites!

Motivational Posters
from P-R Posters™

Motivational Posters
Hundreds of Exclusive Designs!

• Professionally Printed
• Brilliant Poster Colors
• Deluxe Poster Paper
• The Very Best Quality
• Non-Glare Finish
• No Color Fade
• Lifetime Guarantee
• Six Poster Sizes
• $5.95 Flat Rate Shipping
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You Will Feel Better!

In today’s fast pace environment, we’re all looking for that special “edge”. Something that can help us deal with our own personal challenges and frustrations. Tools that will help us attain daily motivation and stimulate our peak attitudinal performance!
In regard to motivational posters, the classic cliche still rings true — that is, a picture is worth a thousand words. In fact, a motivational image possesses even much more value.

What Positive Motivational Posters
Can Do For YOU

A picture can be responsible for both expectation and outcome. Images may be frightening, shocking, inspirational… they can affect moods and temperament.

Images are used in psychological testing to evaluate and alter the perception of troubled patients. Conversely, a warm image can melt the heart and have a loved one, friend, or mere associate perform activity or behavior which would otherwise almost never transpire without such motivational thrust.

To put it simply, people basically LOVE pictures. The unique images which they portray can be molded to fit almost ANY circumstance or situation. You can use images to motivate a crowd of people, and even as a gentle precaution or warning of impending dangers.

Enjoy our “Old School”
Motivational Poster Videos

Motivational Posters – 1
Motivational Posters - 2
Inspirational Posters - 1
Motivation Posters Video #1 Motivation Posters Video #2 Inspiration Posters Video #1
Inspirational Posters - 2
Educational Posters - 1
Educational Posters - 2
Inspiration Posters Video #2 Education Posters Video #1 Education Posters Video #2
Workplace Posters - 1
Workplace Posters - 2
Just for Fun Posters - 1
Workplace Posters Video #1 Workplace Posters Video #2 Fun Posters Video #1

Donation to Fork Union Military Academy

I learned a lot about life and motivation as a cadet at Fork Union Military Academy located in Fork Union Virginia. The Academy provided me a college preparatory education in a residential, Christian environment. Using the best aspects of the military system, the Academy taught me responsibility, leadership, discipline, and pride by providing an atmosphere in which my spiritual, mental, and physical growth flourished.

That was more than 40 years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday. I’m so very thankful for all the Academy did for me, so I like to donate a framed motivational design from my collection of posters every year. This year’s design is a good insight for all young folks. It encourages them to strike out and create their own path.

Cadet Evan Linkous is shown here with the poster in the Academy Library. Evan came to FUMA as an eighth grade day student, where he played basketball, baseball, and orienteering.  FUMA has been a blessing for him, pushing him every day to do his best.  Now in eleventh grade, Evan has his eye on college, and hopes to secure a nomination to the Naval Academy.

Donation to FUMA 2015

We see motivational posters and images every day –

hundreds of them, if not more. Yet, this process tends to become one of total unawareness, rather than the opposite.

Motivational Posters - Dream BIG Dreams...

Now, when a personal challenge or business task arises which the prospect may slightly fear, then complementary motivational posters could easily help turn the tides of apprehension into confidence and power.

For example, does a picture of a juicy burger make you hungry? That is, if you are not a vegetarian… then, mostly likely such an image will enhance the inner cravings you already have.

The example holds true within advertising in the real estate, healthcare, and automobile industries, to name a few.

Nine times out of ten, it is the presence of the “picture” which leads one’s emotional and intellectual environment to its next level of approach. The way a person feels inside can strongly affect the drive which he or she can manage to exhibit and generate.

If motivational posters and images can do so much, then at least do your absolutely best to assure that the images which surround YOU are positive ones.

“Old School” Motivational Posters

Motivational posters from P-R Posters™ will help you strengthen your self-esteem and enhance your outlook on life. You’ll Feel Better! And, we all desire to feel good about ourselves and our lives. I think you will agree.

2013 Best of Beloit Award for Posters

2013 Best of Beloit Award
for Posters

P-R Posters™ offers an excellent assortment of fresh and original  motivational designs unlike any other you’ve ever seen. Since 1999, we’ve chosen our favorite quotes from some of history’s great thinkers, and skillfully blended them with beautiful photos and graphics. These motivational poster creations are sure to supercharge your mental state.

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