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My Story with the Sun Ancon Chi Machine

My name is Mark Peltier-Robson and I've been an online business owner since 1999. Back then I founded my motivational poster company called P-R Posters. I love that business, and continue to do it even today.

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One of the best parts of my business is I often receive nice emails and letters from customers and visitors thanking me for helping them through a tuff time in their lives... a time when they needed some motivation.

Being appreciated is a really great feeling... being able to help others is something that delights me even more. And now, I'm also able to offer the complete line wonderful Health Machines from HTE USA™. I'm the Happiest guy in the whole wide World! I've found my calling, and I'd like to share my story and the HTE machines with you.

Here's how I discovered The Sun Ancon Chi Machine®:

Back near the end of June 2008 I was watching some late night TV and came across an infomercial for an odd looking machine that you put your legs in and it moved them side to side. I decided to do some research in to that product and found that the TV advertised product was not a very good piece of equipment - certainly not what was being promised on TV... poor quality - kind of a scam!

But, much to my delight... during my research I came across lots of wonderful reviews about a different product - a product called The original Sun Ancon Chi Machine®. Everything I read seemed to say this small machine was just what I was looking for. A high quality product that was simple to operate, tested by millions of satisfied users, and helped bring about profound health benefits for many. I was extremely excited... but still somewhat skeptical.

So, for the next 10 days I continued to research the Sun Ancon Chi Machine®... checking out different websites, different reviews, online videos and press releases. I was amazed I couldn't find any complaints about the product or the company. I even called up one of the top distributors in the company to ask him questions about the machine and the results that were being achieved. He was very helpful and friendly.

So, on July 8, 2008 I decided to order an original Sun Ancon Chi Machine® from Jeff Kowalski, a President level independent distributor with HTE USA™. I also decided to become a distributor because Jeff was good enough to tell me about a monthly special the company was running at that time - a sale price on the machine and a new distributor registration. I figured - what the heck... I'd save some money - and I'd be able to make some money if my friends liked my machine and wanted to buy one for themselves. What a Great decision that turned out to be. Thank-you Jeff...

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After using the machine for about a month, I was feeling real good. I was amazed and delighted at how good using the Sun Ancon Chi Machine® felt. Twice a day for 15 minutes each session. My wife was also using and enjoying the machine. So, I decided I wanted to share the HTE USA™ Health Machines with my friends and family.

Having been so involved doing business online since 1999, I decided to take advantage of the HTE USA™ Distributor Webpage and Online Shopping Cart. I figured it was a great way for me and the new distributors I sponsor into my organization to be able to easily share product information and instructional videos with folks all around the world. It's also a great place for people (such as yourself) to have the opportunity to order the products and try them risk-free for 14 days.

I'm a proud distributor of the HTE USA™ product line. I've been using the products and doing the business for more than a decade now. I'm so glad that I am.

I invite you to view my complete Sun Ancon / HTE USA Products distributor shop - Click Here